The Blockchain Trilemma

The major problem with blockchain networks in their current form known in the industry as the The Blockchain Trilemma.

This trilemma is a series of tradeoffs that represents one of the most difficult and unsolved computer science problems of the modern era.
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Without the ability to efficiently scale up to larger volumes of transactions, blockchain networks will forever be hampered by congestion and high "gas fees".

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Decentralized networks enable a greater degree of user privacy and resiliency, since information saved on the network is disseminated across multiple points instead of passing through a single point.

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The network must be able to provide 24/7/365 enterprise-grade security.

What are Layer 2 Solutions?

Layer 2 solutions leverage bleeding edge cryptographic technology, like Roll Ups and Zero Knowlege Proofs, to process transactions in bulk beside or above the main chain resulting in a 100x performance increase with just a fraction of the gas fees.

No Sacrifices

Unlike other technologies, Layer 2 solutions provide the massive increase in performance of the Ethereum network, without compromising the security or decentralization that makes Ethereum so powerful.

Unlocking more value

Layer 2 scaling solutions, like Polygon, have created over USD 10 billion dollars of liquid and investable value for investors and users in the past 3 months alone.

Layer 2 Ventures

We believe that Layer 2 solutions are the future of the blockchain markets and we intend to be the leading blockchain infrastructure company, helping to power the most mission critical layer two and side chain networks like Polygon (Matic), Loom, and many more.

  • Layer 2 Ventures secures these networks by  bonding their native tokens to the network via enterprises grade custody, validator partnerships, liquidity mining and in-house technology
  • We plan to acquire, stake and manage worlds largest network of Layer 2 digital assets.
  • Layer 2 Ventures will be a high margin, cashflow positive business from day one that scales infinitely, allowing us the ability to explore other potential revenue streams.
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Revenue Stream

layer 2 Asset portfolio

Layer 2 Ventures will acquire, stake and manage worlds largest network of Layer 2 digital assets.  Through our partnerships and industry connections, we will be able to acquire assets efficiently and identify key opportunities within the Layer 2 ecosystem.

Revenue Stream

Yield Farming

Yield farming refers the process of providing liquidity to a DeFi protocol in return for yield.  Layer 2 Ventures will be able to provide liquidity via our assets.

Revenue Stream

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining is a subset of yield farming. The main difference is that liquidity providers are compensated not just with fee revenue but also the platform’s own token.

Meet Our Team

We are assembling a team of leaders with vast experience in blockchain and capital markets.

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Layer 2 Ventures has assembled a team of advisors with great experience across start-ups, capital markets, and technology sectors.

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